Inventronics' products are commonly found in telecommunication networks, electric power distribution networks, cable television networks and traffic control systems where they are utilized in both outdoor and indoor applications to house and protect passive and/or active electrical and electronic components. Although the Corporation's products are primarily placed in service throughout North America, it is not uncommon to find Inventronics enclosures in international infrastructures as well. Historically, the majority of Inventronics' sales were for products that were custom designed and manufactured to suit the needs of each customer for each application. While this business still makes up a good portion of Inventronics' sales, the Corporation has continued to expand its line of Inventronics-branded standard enclosures which are sold directly to utilities, original equipment manufacturers or through distributors. In some circumstances, the customer's components are incorporated into the enclosures which are delivered directly to the end user, providing a complete outsourcing service.




               FDE Enclosure     MDU Enclosure    

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